Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shakespeare Poster


Create a poster for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Although it should feel usable, it does not have to be purely functional. Consider type placement and the possible use of hand lettering to enhance the poster. Above all else, I’m interested in seeing an interesting, compelling image.

Size: 12x18, full colour.

Sketches: first set due this Saturday 3rd of March, on the blog(at least 2, preferably three, different directions). Revised sketches due on the 10th on the blog. We’ll talk about them in class on the 12th.

Final Art: Due on the 19th in class.

Some things to consider:

How does setting effect your concept, is it historical, a fusion of different places and time periods, or something wholly imagined?

Will your poster be bold and graphic with a strong iconic image, complex and detailed, or a combination of the two?

Can you use a conceptual image to tell the story or will you be more narrative in the way you present your ideas?

Think about what some of the plays underlying messages and themes are, and how they might effect what is going on visually within the piece. Is jealousy a strong reoccurring element within the story, revenge, or love? How will these ideas effect the various elements that will make up your image?

And don’t forget all that great research you have been doing in your past projects. Although it shouldn’t be all you present, I’d love to see any source material you are using.

And some stuff to look at, if you’re interested:

Sterling Hundley:
Chris Neal:
Post Typography:
Jim McMullan:

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