Friday, February 2, 2007

Updated Sketches

My apologies for these being a few hours later than planned - I honest to god couldn't find my scanner. (It was under my bed...)

Anyways, here are the sketches that include both models and backgrounds - first is in an ice cream parlor with gossiping girls, and second is in a girl's bedroom, doing girly things like reading magazines and painting nails. The color choices are still the same as in the initial background sketches.


mr. pants said...
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mr. pants said...

okay, so i keep posting things and then looking at the work, and deciding i need to restate things...

i think you might want to look into doing something even more vertical for the bedroom scenario. I don't mean make it a vertical letterbox, but maybe just give us a little more room on top and bottom, without changing the width too much.

interesting cropping like that can make a scene pretty dynamic, and it might help establish an environment a little better. it almost looks like you manipulated the magazine girl's anatomy in order to fit her on the bed (she's a little small, or her neck is too short, or something...)

i like the soda fountain bit a lot, i think the "correct perspective" one looks... well like a more coherent piece, but the background isn't quite as dynamic. what if you had them sitting at the fountain a la Norman Rockwell, or something thereabouts? that might be a little trite... but think about have them sitting on a stool, or altering that original bar so that they're standing in it more (either redraw the girls, or the bar so they fit in it more naturally.)

thanks so much for reposting! It's good work!

fashionillustrationclass said...

Hey Rebecca,

Here's what I think. These sketches are ok, but I think you need to consider the people and how they move within the space a little bit more. The top piece is pretty awkward. The girl holding the coke looks ok, but I'm not sure what the girl next to her is doing. She looks kind of drunk. I think you should add some other people to it and fill the space in. I also think you need to consider these as narratives. What are the characters doing/ thinking about? Make it real. Also, while the perspective is wrong I would work on fixing it rather than changing it because the straight on one is pretty boring. The bottom piece is also problematic due to the figures and how they are placed. Be braver with the angle you show the room from. Show is more of the bed AND the floor and give them a lived in looking soace to move around in. The girl looking at magazines ahould be laying on her belly with her feet cocked up. Maybe a shoe dangling off of one of them. Show us a little of the magazines too. Look up 50's teen mags on google for reference. The girl painting her nails needs some room to breathe. The pose is pretty weird. Is that how you paint your toenails? I've never seen that before. Crazy. Look up "painting toenails on image search and find something a little more exciting. Go for it, you can do it! See, I'm encouraging you! Yeah! Also, thanks for posting again.