Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here's looking at you, kid

First scene

And the clothes

Second Scene

And the clothes

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fashionillustrationclass said...

You know, the very early part of my career (at least the comics part) was built on having things show up slightly late but making them look so cool that noone would be able to stay angry.Apparently that works pretty well on me, too (so far). I figured you were gathering reference like a little reference squirrel, and getting everything just right. The level of completion in your work is really top notch. You're doing really great stuff. The top piece is aces. The bottom one is visually elegant in its simplicity. I would suggest that for the final you really hone in on the details in those clothes in piece #2. Because you're working in a limited range of color for that one you should think about working the colored line in a smart way. I appreciate all the hard work, Joe.

Nice job.