Thursday, February 8, 2007

Becca's Bladerunner sketches

Sketches for Blade Runner. I'm trying to narrow down the two scenes I'll use and the outfits to use in them. I found clothing with similar colors as the film uses (muted browns, greens, blues, greys and blacks with shocks of white) and now I need to pick the style that best fits the character - if anyone has seen the movie, feel free to pop in with an opinion.


mr. pants said...

i love blade runner, and i have confidence that you will choose wisely.

remember that you can mix and match pieces from different collections. the whole movie has that crazy future-forties look going for the "upper class" characters, the poorer people looking more futurey all around.

plus this movie has a serious 'film noire' feel to it, and you can really capitolize on that with the clothes.

--ladies' clothes--
broad shoulder lines, pencil skirts, dark tones, tie collars
general sort of futurey stuff
--men's clothes--
tailored suits, double breasted jackets, trench coats, three piece suits
and more general sort of futurey stuff.

fashionillustrationclass said...

Gant speaks the truth. Other than that I think you're doing really well here. Great tone/mood. Seems like you're really taking the movie in. Nice work.