Thursday, February 8, 2007

Emma's Amelie Sketches

Here's the Amelie sketches, I'm trying out that thicker looser line you we talked about, even though it's a bit scary..There were some other scenes I might be interested in using too if these are objectionable : ) The colors are super saturated in these weird green and red and sorts magenta filters throughout the film. I baught some new inks to try out, and I think I'll try to stick basically within that color grouping, to stick with the tone of the movie.


Rebecca Bastian said...

I think the bigger brush you're using is loosening you up in v. good ways : D I really dig the second illustration, that's one of my favorite scenes.

mr. pants said...

i love this line. don't call it scary or i'll drop kick you.

p.s. this is really pretty good, but how about a scene in the cafe? there are some really good scenes there, and in the apt building.

fashionillustrationclass said...

I agree that the line is spiffing up. The scenes you chose are a little static. The movie had all kinds of beautiful imagery in it. They seem like weird choices to me. Can't even see the characters really. Try getting closer to them.