Friday, February 23, 2007

My very very rough sketches

my first idea was to do space traveling, but the more i looked things up and the more i drew, i found it annoying. I tried to make a postcard t

then i thought about people taking pictures while traveling
then i thought about people just carrying different types of luggage ( the old vintage type mostly)

Then i thought what about people taking polaroids of themselves in popular locations?

i know these are really rough and i do plan on working on there some more, but if anyone can give me some direction. what would be super!


Elizabeth said...

I vote for space! The girl could be in a more interesting and less stiff pose, but what's cooler than sexy astronauts? Plus, it's the most realized of the sketches which probably means that you had the most fun doing it and wanted to work on it more. I mean, that might not be the case at all, but I think that's usally true with sketches.

Lyse Poole said...

I totally agree with Liz. I know you were feeling unsure about it, but I think the space theme might be the most unique, and potentially the most fun for you out of your current ideas. =)

I would tell you to maybe look into some crazy futuristic themed outfits with some simple and slightly more flat outer space backgrounds, but I'm not completely sure what we're supposed to establish (background-wise) for this project. Awesome job on the fun sketches though!

Zachariah Bauer said...

im also going to say go with space. This also may be due to that fact that i'm also working with space. Try putting some interesting boots and gloves on that babe and she'll be all set!


Zachariah Bauer said...

on a side note. i enjoy the glasses on the girl in the sketch with the legs and suitcase. maybe have a cool sunglasses astro-babe. they gotta protect them eyes from direct sunlight somehow!

Andrea said...

Another vote for the space idea from me! I might have already mentioned this, but try looking at some old sci fi adventures in space movie poster for this. I think that could give you a good feel for some 70s retro futuristic spacey junk that would look really nice in this. This is travel themed though so maybe just look at the style used in those. You could even combine the polaroids ideas with the space idea. although don't go so far as to have someone flashing a peace sign with an alien or something...just some thoughts! good ideas!

fashionillustrationclass said...

I'm sorry to disagree, but I think space is a bad idea. Although it's fun and the sketch is nice, I think it has very little to nothing to do with the show (in the eyes of the organizers). Hope you havent gotten too far on it. I think the best one is the people carrying the different types of luggage. Kinda works well with the whole high society thing youve been doing lately.