Monday, February 19, 2007

blue hawaii (@ like 85%ish)

these are (poor quality) scans during phase 3of4...the FINALS are refined/detailed...they're @ the studio--i'll scan them in tomorrow (i'll also come show [you] the originals on wednesday, when does that class usually go on lunch break?)


Shanon said...

HOLY SHIT!!!! I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THE COLORS GOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!! i'm soooo confused!!!!!!!!!! i'm also confused that i'm confused..... this isn't like me to not have my shit together, maybe mercury is in retrograde or something? don't worry, i realize that's in no way a valid excuse for being so unprofessional. :(

Shanon said...

wait...why are the colors only inverted in the thumbnail, but okay on full screen? mfnv,ewngknwlkfjbnvmdfnvlksjhd;gjkwekbmnvlwmdnv kjegjkwhe;fkmnv;wkfnj

Daniel Krall said...