Friday, February 23, 2007

rough sketches

These are some sketches I did for this week. I'm thinking about doing them with a vintage postcard look, with bright colors like early photographs that had to be hand colored. I was kind of thinking about simple ideas like girls dressed up in clothes that resemble things about the different places, such as the Eiffle tower or volcanoes for Hawaii.


mr. pants said...

these are fun. i like your compositions, and your colors are nice. scenery will help these a lot though.

Amy Lee Jumping Tiger said...

it would be cool if you made a bunch of vintage postage stamps like this. i think they should be more specific with scenery and locations.

Lyse Poole said...

I think this is a cute idea. Just a thought, but it might be fun if you got super detailed with these and included details like stamps and the actual postage markings printed at the top from having traveled around.