Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wait, what time is it?

Here are my sketches for Monday. These are the colors, these are the ideas. All I have left to do to take it to final is ink it and drop the colors into the finished linework.

Here are the clothes
This is a still from the movie; way better.

This is my second one. I think I may drop a different texture into the background on the final; I've been using this one a lot lately.

And of course, here are the clothes

And for the background extras

I'm just posting this last one so you know what it's about. I haven't gotten as far on it as I'd like, but I'll post a more finalized version soon.

There, that's all for now. I'll be back tonight with more.
Blogger has a really frustrating set up.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Joe, Joe, Joe. You did a good job here AAANNNND took a swipe at me for being pissed that people weren't posting on time. Classic. You really know how to give art directors ulcers, and you haven't even started working yet. But seriously, they look really great. You took the suggestions we discussed into consideration and the pieces look 500 times better already. Can't wait to see the finals. Dy-no-miiiite. Also, prepare for beatings.


Joe Wierenga said...

I would never take a swipe at you, Daniel. I just thought I was going to have that post made at 5:00 the day before, but I got sucked into the details and lost track of time.

ill2 said...

Whew. Well I wasn't sweating it regardless. Good work. I know what it's like to get trapped in the vortex.