Tuesday, May 1, 2007

deraileur with a Q

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Trend Assignment

Hey Guys!

Here are some tears to help illustrate a loose format of what I am looking for. Again these trends don't have to be limited to clothes and accessories ( though you should include some of them ) but feel free to run wild with any kind of product. Again if your trend is called " Lady in Pink Cupcake Monster" and involves eating cupcakes everyday, draw me some cupcakes.

Stoked for the sun thats here,


Not Yet Time

Hey everybody,

Just posting to say that my sketches will hopefully be up before 6 today. Its been a pretty ca-razy weekend with finishing recording my band's cd/ other band needs, and the fashion show all at the same time. So not enough time has yet been devoted to the sketches to show something i'm happy with. But if they're not up before 6p.m. they will be up later in the night due to the fact that my band is putting on a show. If anyone is interested its at the Charm City Art Space, at 6, for $6. A good ammount of good bands are playing.

On a similarly different note, I modeled in the fashion show this weekend. Which was hours of preperation for about 9 seconds of work. Kind of grr when it first hits you in the dressing room, but an awesome time overall. Did anyone go/get any good pictures of my sexy-face? It'd be pretty swell if i could get one.

And all the sketches that are up right now look rather neato. I have Amy Lee for my trend, and got to pick her brain a little about the clothes shes into. The working title is: The Thrift. I'm pretty excited to draw some sexy Carhart jackets with ghetto hoops and silvery bangles.

See you again soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monday 4/23

Hey guys,

So we will be looking at the sketches for your new Trend assignment. Just to clarify, I would like an 8"10" assignment, but I would like you to work at least half up. So I am really asking you to work at least 12"x15". Please name your trend and have references for things that support this trend. ( ex: pictures of shoes, clothes, products )

We will be having 2 models on Monday, a guy and a girl, to make up for our lost model day last monday.

So again I will be asking you to bring the same drawing tools as last time.

See you soon, be prepared to draw.


Anyone who missed class and needs the assignment/resources: look no further!

get a friend to wear her/his favorite outfit and take a picture of them in a STANDING pose. Draw from the elements of the outfit to create style sheet for that particular look!

things for the outfit that make it fun and interesting:
-BAGS and accesories like JEWELRY, EARRINGS, WATCHES
-fun shoes
-accent pieces like socks or layers (layers being sweaters, coats, jackets, socks, anything on top of anything else)
-color v. pattern.

if you take your own picture of a friend, just make sure that you bring it on Monday and Kris sees it (along with the rest of us.)

the guidlines are to create a style sheet for a new fashion trend based off your photograph and using existing products. They can be from anywhere, from Target, to Dior. Look at some of the style sheets in Vogue or Nylon for inspiration on layout, and come up with a fitting name for your "look."

have fun! see you on monday!

Clever Name Still Waiting to Come to Me

Ok... i got Gant, and drew whatever that came to mind when i looked at what he was wearing.

The clothes below are just example of the color pallett that i think would work
i promise ill color stuff in before class

Im sorry gant for not being able to draw you any better!


don't have too much right now, but here is the kind of things that i am looking at, i think i'm going to call the trend scamp i'll probably have more later

Friday, April 20, 2007

what the

I slept through friday? Sketches tomorrow morning, I promise


Hi guys, I'm sorry that I missed class last week, but I was feeling pretty sick. Tyler and Becca told me the next assignment, but I just now realized that I need to figure out how I can get ahold of one of those pictures of us so that I can actually start sketching. Also, I'm still a little vague on what we need to be looking for for research, so if anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it. Once again, sorry for missing class, otherwise I wouldn't have these issues...


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trend Sheet Refrences?

Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where to find pictures of these trend sheets. I know nothing about how they're layed out, any help would guarantee a solid high five.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

For Monday 4/16

Hey Guys,

I can't wait to see your finals Monday.

We will have a model that day after we look at all the Finals. So I will need you to bring the following:

- large pad of drawing paper ( not newsprint ) large meaning more or less the size of your torso.
- a large brush to do a wash
- some kind of ink or paint ( black or a color you like, FW acrylic ink is my boyfriend )
- something to draw with that will make a bold mark ( crowquill, brushes, soft pencil )
- and for fun...white paint

The model is not through the school, she's my own model with great clothes so I would really appreciate it if you took full advantage of this prime drawing situation.

Again I can't wait to see these Finals.

See you Monday!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sophia Lauren and Gucci

Please, if anyone has any input about my sketches, i would greatly appreciate it.