Sunday, January 28, 2007

Backgrounds : Now Included

Please refer to my previous post for the models;

I've kept a simple color scheme for the backgrounds, which I hope has the typical 50's ice cream parlor feel to chairs, baby blues, whites and greys. I'm trying to decide if I want them to be in a room with tables and chairs or in the room with the barstools. I think what it's going to come down to is how I can arrange the models within them best.

Lizz's sketches

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hannah's Repost

i sketched out my environment and put 2 figures on each page. (theyre a bit messy)
I also redrew a dress because i wasnt happy with one of the previous dresses i drew

try # 98750298475029

i've been having severe technical difficulties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been trying to post these & email them for like 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the interent is mad @ me i guess...i blame myspace tom)
the current state of these sketches are vague, but i've been working on them (adding more details & rearranging compositions)...i'd post the revisions, but that might take me past our actual class. um........sorry


Lyse's Updated Sketches

First, I want to apologize for not having adequate sketches to present yesterday. I was under a wrong impression that the background/figure sketches were due monday, and only in-progress sketches were due on Friday; I'm really sorry for my screw-up.

Second, I read the comments you guys left, and I hope these sketches are a bit more of what you were looking for. I took Gant's advice and got rid of the whole circus theme, and Daniel's by making their heads not quite so large; so hopefully these will work a bit better.

These new sketches are girls wearing modern Japanese street fashion, with backgrounds featuring landscapes and architecture of Kyoto shrines and temples.

some revisions and more new things too

based on gant's suggestion i made so copies and played with the colors of the headdresses
also here are what i'm playing with for the backgrounds/enviorments, in most of the examples i found the shows backdrops are fairly spare, mostly black with things like twinkling lights, pillars, and curtains.

Saturday 4:15 pm

To the remaining non-posters. I can almost smell your grades burning away to crispy black husks. Not a good way to start a semester. I'm not sure you understood what was happening here, but I repeatedly asked if you had any questions, and was repeatedly met with silence. If you didn't understand what was going on you should have spoken up sooner. Now it's your problem.

more poppy fields

poppy fields

My idea for this assignment was to put the models in a poppy field. I chose clothing from different designers that I felt were fun a sort of romantic to go with the scene. I plan on building the scenes of the field around the girls, as in the pose of the girl laying down. The colors will be very warm, lots of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, a bit of green, lots of pattern.

Friday, January 26, 2007

i apologize for the lateness

I based my assignment on masquerades and balls. i was inspired by the one scene in phantom of the opera and by the anglomania show at the metropolitan museum

Many of these dresses are referenced from bridal magazine and bazaar.

i am so sorry for the lateness of this post. for some reason my brain translated friday 9pm to saturday 9pm.

As for any excuses you might have...

There is a problem.

Ok, first of all I'd like to appologise for my lateness in responding to questions and posts. I had a massive computer meltdown the other day and had to use a friends computer. That said, it is now 12:30 am on Saturday and only 10 of you by my count have posted anything on the blog. And of those 10 only a few have actually paid any mind to the idea of directly refrencing existing environments (or any environment at all). The idea of doing sketches is to give a client (in this case me) a very close approximation of your finished product so that you can easily discuss any changes that need to be made. I can't discuss hypotheticals. The assignment is about the figures, clothes, and environments working together as a piece that establishes mood and context for viewing the clothes. Most of you need to rework things and have them ready to see on Monday (or before if possible). We're not going to discuss environmental pieces sans environments. Also, get good reference material. Trust me, you need it. Even if you're going to break your refrence down to essential abstract elements you need to have it there as a framework for your idea. When you don't it looks like you slapped it togehter using foggy recolections and generic elements. Thanks for the effort to the people who posted on time. Those who didn't need to get on the ball. This is part of your class, and frankly not that difficult.


1930s travel

These are the outfits/pieces I've gotten so far. Just to note, Comcast sucks royally and the reason I didn't get this up by 9 is because they fucked up something in my building again. Anyway. I want each of these to be in a train station setting and I'm thinking browns, maroons, cream colors and some gold colors perhaps. I'd like to stay loose with the line work as in the sketches and to stick with ink wash/watercolor for the finishes.

Lyse's Sketches

The outfits I'll be working with are from modern Japanese street fashion magazines, and the settings/backgrounds they'll be in are going to be circus themed (ex: lion tamer, fire dancer, etc). =)