Saturday, January 27, 2007

try # 98750298475029

i've been having severe technical difficulties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been trying to post these & email them for like 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the interent is mad @ me i guess...i blame myspace tom)
the current state of these sketches are vague, but i've been working on them (adding more details & rearranging compositions)...i'd post the revisions, but that might take me past our actual class. um........sorry


fashionillustrationclass said...

Really good stuff so far Shanon. After taking a close look at all four I wanted to say I really appreciate all of the work that's gone into them. I think you've really started maturing stylistically. Here are some suggestions: The pool one looks as though it's being seen through binoculars. That's kind of exciting. Could we do something to push that farther? Also there's a whole lot of dead area in it. Other figures? Maybe tilework in the pool itself that makes mermaids and seahorses (or just patterns). Also, she might need a pair of shoes next to her chair. And a drink with too much fruit in it. The guy with the car looks really cool. car reference? Also I think you should consider making the colors in the backgrounds (for all) a limited pallette that gives us the flavor of Miami. In the car one the trees could be blue and purple. The trees could also mimic the way the figure is standing.Hmmmmmm. Maybe it should be nightime. Ohhh the boat one would look good at night too, because you could do all kinds of neon city lights reflecting off of the water! The boat person (lady in suit?) needs some hair to blow in the wind. You need ciggarette boat reference too. The last one is funny because she's doing a drunk monkey shuffle. She looks fab doing it though. Best figure. If shes supposed to look like that make it more pronounced. If she's not, the for goodness sake straighten her up, she's going to hurt her back doing that. Is this one at night too? The sky looks dark. Maybe it would be good to consider using unrealistic colors to depict nightime here too. Maybe she should be all purple, pink and blue. Think think think. Also the clothes are great but could use a little more attention I think. Some patterns? Some logos? acessories? Detail? Some other thing Gant might think of?

Great job Shanon! Sorry you ended up with a hell of a time posting. It's easy though. I figured it out on my own. Shouldn't be a problem for all you future kids with your lazer watches and robot milkshakes.
Thanks for all the hard work. NOW dont change your mind about what you're doing. You're not allowed to.


mr. pants said...

oh my god, daniel. that was amazing. that was so good. p.s. shanon gave me a picture of a man's naked butt surrounded by ladies' legs with cowboy boots. thought you might want to see it tomorrow.

<3, gp