Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hannah's Repost

i sketched out my environment and put 2 figures on each page. (theyre a bit messy)
I also redrew a dress because i wasnt happy with one of the previous dresses i drew


fashionillustrationclass said...

Ahhh, so much better. The only problem here is that you may have gone too far with these. In places they look like finals. But GREAT! The large red room looks fantastic. I LOVE how loose the chairs, and detail on the walls are. The girl in the red dress is GREAT! The girl in the black dress is clunky (except for the dress whick looks fine). I think it'd be interesting here to see them interacting more directly. Like have them dancing together. One non mask holding arm extended up, hands barely touching. Or, the one in the black dress could be hammered, and the other could be helping her off the floor. Or something else. The one on the stairs is cool too, but I'd like to see an equal amount of interaction. Try having them passing a note, or have one holding a tray of hordurves and the other eating one seductively or something. It's really getting exciting!


mr. pants said...

i agree with daniel about their interactions. this opens up a whole other subject. A teacher here once was talking about fashion illustration with me and something he said that really stuck with me is that it's very important to become familiar with the original fashion PHOTOGRAPHERS (and the contemporary ones as well, though it hasn't really changed in any huge way since the sixties with David Avedon).

anyway, looking at how they make dynamic, and ironic scenes through environment and clothes, and interactions between the "characters" in a photoshoot can really bring another level of interest to your piece. The idea of these girls being completely hammered makes a situation like a Masquerade Ball, that is usually a stiff upperclass affair with chamapagne and more ettiquette than emily post could stand, much more accessibly and fabulous. there's a certain amount of decadent tragedy that you can pull into these pieces with the subject you've chosen, and i think the idea of drunk girls is only part of it. You could have a little intrigue between a man and a woman (or a woman/woman, man/man "situation" going on) happening in a tight, baroque corner, or bring in some other aspect of kink.

look at some photographers and think about how they are using situational irony and visual puns to send a message, and make the image more intriguing and the clothes more apealing.