Friday, January 26, 2007

Jane's Illustrations

The theme that I chose was California during the 1960's. The First image is inspired by trees and driftwood, the second is kelp inspired, the third is obviously the Bay Bridge, and the fourth is a bottle of wine.


fashionillustrationclass said...


I like your ideas but I'd like them to be more directly tied to a location. You can include the abstract elements within the location, but use more reference/ source material for the places and things. I'm also not sure how I feel about the faceless figures. It seems less like they have a graphic purpose and more like you're not comfortable drawing faces. Maybe if you consider the form of the entire model as sillouette it will work better. Rework them a little before monday.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Also, I wanted to say that your top piece (the one with the trees) works best. I think you should consider framing all of them that way.


mr. pants said...

i agree with daniel on all of those points. also, consider how the clothing is being worn by the figures a little more. right now it feels a little like the clothes and the figures are very seperate from one another, like it's a dress with legs arms and a head coming out of it, rather than it being WORN on somebody.

that grrl better wear that dress, cause if she don't, the dress'll wear hur!