Friday, January 26, 2007

Tyler Parker

my time period was the 1960's in las vegas, specifically show girls


fashionillustrationclass said...


They look great! But backgrounds! The assignment is about backgrounds! I need to see environments. Make sure you handle them the same loose way you handled the figures. Give us some environments before Monday.


mr. pants said...

these figures are pretty cute, nice job. i'm wondering if, just as an idea, you might switch up some of thier headdresses/outfits. right now they feel very matchy-matchy, which is cute, but there could be some really exciting things going on between the colors.

environments! look at old hollywood stage sets from MGM (they were known during the studio system for their over-the-top production sets). Also, the kind of moods that Busby Berkely set with his kaliedscopic choreography...