Thursday, January 25, 2007

Becca's sketches

So, the theme is 40's-50's influenced dresses, and originally the setting was going to be in the kitchen, i.e. stereotypical housewives, but now I'm oscillating between that and a younger setting, such as an ice cream parlor or the like.

Anyways, sketches. I'll have some backgrounds worked out by monday, these are studies of the dresses and designs for the models.


fashionillustrationclass said...


Your models look fantastic. I really like how your work has evolved. I think the idea of keeping them out of the kitchen is a little more broad minded and informed. I will say this though. Not having the environments in your sketches means you didn't fulfill the assignment. We need to see them because they are crutial to the project. Finsh them and put them up.


Becca said...

Gotcha, I'll have prospective environments up this evening (at work, so I can't scan anything). Should I edit this post or make a new one?

fashionillustrationclass said...

You can do it however you like, but considering the fact that nearly everyone goofed this up you may as well wait till Monday and show it to us then. Post if you like though. I might be able to write something more tonight or sunday.

Rebecca Bastian said...

Okay, thanks.

mr. pants said...

i can check back and post on these if you add something.

the one thing about some of your models is that their balance is a little funky. there are a few that look like they may fall over pretty soon. great color use though, you obviously have a good handle on watercolor.

i'll be interested to see your backgrounds.