Saturday, January 27, 2007

some revisions and more new things too

based on gant's suggestion i made so copies and played with the colors of the headdresses
also here are what i'm playing with for the backgrounds/enviorments, in most of the examples i found the shows backdrops are fairly spare, mostly black with things like twinkling lights, pillars, and curtains.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Ok, that's more like it. We have some backgrounds to consider. Now the issue is going to be the attitude/ poses of the figures and how they interact with their environments. Showgirls pose, they dance, they present things. They accompany other performers like singers, comedians, lion tamers. These need to be composed and considered. Also make sure that the fluidity of the paint in your dresses and the backdrops marries well when you start paying more attention to the figure itself.
Your subject matter is all about sending the viewer into a visual overload. Try to play up the glitz and make these things exciting to look at.

Andrea said...

Hey Tyler,

I think the figures you're working with here are pretty interesting and I like the brush work as well. The one thing I'd suggest about the backgrounds though is that they not get too dark or as bright/saturated as the outfits the girls are wearing. I just think they'd be easily lost. I know you do some pretty neat line work though, so maybe vary your materials a bit with the backgrounds and use ink line work instead of paint?

mr. pants said...

good comment, andrea. i was going to raise the same issue actually. i'm really excited about these though, and i think they're really great.

the poses can be more expressive, but we can talk more about that on Monday.