Sunday, January 28, 2007

Backgrounds : Now Included

Please refer to my previous post for the models;

I've kept a simple color scheme for the backgrounds, which I hope has the typical 50's ice cream parlor feel to chairs, baby blues, whites and greys. I'm trying to decide if I want them to be in a room with tables and chairs or in the room with the barstools. I think what it's going to come down to is how I can arrange the models within them best.


mr. pants said...

hey, rebecca!

i love these backgrounds. perhaps the perspective on the counter could either wonkier or a little more tailored. this is a really great development, and i can't wait to see these in person on monday.

i would like to know a little better how the figures are going to sit in the space, so for future sketches, i would think about that.

just a note to everyone, not that i think you all are reading and posting (since it seems you aren't) the sketches, in a professional sense, are meant to give the art director a very good detailed idea of what the final should look like. What Shanon did was pretty ideal, with full compositions, color, and concept all worked out. this way an AD can look at it and say "i think that hat should be blue, and can you change the shih tzu to a tiny elephant..."

so when you all are doing sketches in the future, use them as a way to develop a full concept, to place figures in the environment and to convey an attitude that you want in your final piece, rather than just posting little blips of the things that are going to assemble to make up the final. we need a better idea of what the final will look like.


ill2 said...

Well put Mr. Gant. I think the key here is to see how these ladies fit into these scenes. I think you've handled them well, but they shouldn't be just slapped on there, they need to be intergrated and active within the scene. That's what'll sell it in the end. You need to thing about placement of figures, and what sorts of props they may be holding. Ice cream floats, record albums and 50's teen magazines, school books, boyfriends, kittens? Make it come to life. Make it look lived in.

Keep up the good work,