Friday, January 26, 2007

i apologize for the lateness

I based my assignment on masquerades and balls. i was inspired by the one scene in phantom of the opera and by the anglomania show at the metropolitan museum

Many of these dresses are referenced from bridal magazine and bazaar.

i am so sorry for the lateness of this post. for some reason my brain translated friday 9pm to saturday 9pm.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Your figures and the dresses look very nice so far. Good use of color too. I would suggest maybe doing something really interesting with jewelery or their masks. Also, need too see drawings of your background and the figures interacting with it.

mr. pants said...

I agree with the previous comment. also, your brush work looks very confident and fluid. You're doing good things in the face, make sure you don't let them get too involved, this is about clothes in an environment, and you can use them to create a character. if you choose to stay clear of complicated masks, the zorro masks always make a pretty bold statement (just those black half-masks... usually the male counterpart to the large ornate feathered masks the ladies traditionally wear to these balls.)

mr. pants said...

p.s. the bottom drawing in the red dress, in my opinion, is working the best. her proportions and attitude are working very well, and i love the hair. annnnd ignore my earlier comment about the zorro mask, since you obviously already know about it (i somehow missed it the first time i reviewed these drawings...)