Friday, January 26, 2007

here are my sketches:


fashionillustrationclass said...


I like whats begining to happen here stylistically, but it's a little inconsistant. Your most sucessful piece is the girl at the bottom. The boots are great, but the rest of the clothes leave a little something to be desired. The figures seem intentionally akward, and childlike. I like that. The inconsistancy comes in the fact that they seem volumous in some areas and flat in others. I'd just flatten them out as much as possible. Also, the backgrounds are n't there yet. Get some reference and rework them for Monday.


mr. pants said...

you obviously really like drawing boots. the patterning shows a good amount of attention and interest, but, like daniel said, the other clothes don't quite hold up. focus more on textures and patterns than volume. Some of the backgrounds look a little unsure about color choices, but i'm going to chalk that up to being sketches. try to get really interested in having these folks IN their environment, rather than up against a backdrop.