Friday, January 26, 2007

There is a problem.

Ok, first of all I'd like to appologise for my lateness in responding to questions and posts. I had a massive computer meltdown the other day and had to use a friends computer. That said, it is now 12:30 am on Saturday and only 10 of you by my count have posted anything on the blog. And of those 10 only a few have actually paid any mind to the idea of directly refrencing existing environments (or any environment at all). The idea of doing sketches is to give a client (in this case me) a very close approximation of your finished product so that you can easily discuss any changes that need to be made. I can't discuss hypotheticals. The assignment is about the figures, clothes, and environments working together as a piece that establishes mood and context for viewing the clothes. Most of you need to rework things and have them ready to see on Monday (or before if possible). We're not going to discuss environmental pieces sans environments. Also, get good reference material. Trust me, you need it. Even if you're going to break your refrence down to essential abstract elements you need to have it there as a framework for your idea. When you don't it looks like you slapped it togehter using foggy recolections and generic elements. Thanks for the effort to the people who posted on time. Those who didn't need to get on the ball. This is part of your class, and frankly not that difficult.


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