Saturday, January 27, 2007

poppy fields

My idea for this assignment was to put the models in a poppy field. I chose clothing from different designers that I felt were fun a sort of romantic to go with the scene. I plan on building the scenes of the field around the girls, as in the pose of the girl laying down. The colors will be very warm, lots of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, a bit of green, lots of pattern.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Like your treatment of the poppys in the sketch at the top. I think you should either loosen up a bit on the figures or fix the porportions. They're neither here nor there right now. They're a little too wonky to be a kind of mostly representational kind of cartooning, and way too rigid and attached to reference to be a loose and porportionately forgiving kind of cartooning. If your final pieces are meant to be in color your sketches need to be in color. And in an aproximation of the final composition. With a background. Need better sketches for Monday.


mr. pants said...

your line is really pretty rigid. considering the richness of the red in poppies, and the color of the clothes that you chose, you'll have to make a lot of good decisions on the color treatment(s). your faces are good but the bodies are a little inconsistent with them. i love the way you are drawing hair though. very graphic and interesting.

i know you're planning on doing the color through photoshop, and that flat quality of color should be pretty good. i would also think about trying out illustrator, esp. considering the graphic quality of your line.