Friday, January 26, 2007

Laura's Sketches

Neatherlandic-Farmy-Girls. The top ones are just sketches of the colors / main idea of the outfits I took from the Japanese book "FreshFruits" published by Phaidon. Going to add some patterns to the clothes that i didn't use in the sketches... The drawing below is the finished background drawing (but i'm not actually finished with the color as you can see ) ... I'll have the refrence photos up during monday's crit.


fashionillustrationclass said...


Looking good. I love the background (being a farmboy at heart). Looking foreward to seeing it all put together. Make sure in the end that they work within the environment somehow, or are alternated intentionally seperate from it (like a backdrop for a play or something).


mr. pants said...

you're obviously on your way... see you on monday!