Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shakespeare Poster


Create a poster for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Although it should feel usable, it does not have to be purely functional. Consider type placement and the possible use of hand lettering to enhance the poster. Above all else, I’m interested in seeing an interesting, compelling image.

Size: 12x18, full colour.

Sketches: first set due this Saturday 3rd of March, on the blog(at least 2, preferably three, different directions). Revised sketches due on the 10th on the blog. We’ll talk about them in class on the 12th.

Final Art: Due on the 19th in class.

Some things to consider:

How does setting effect your concept, is it historical, a fusion of different places and time periods, or something wholly imagined?

Will your poster be bold and graphic with a strong iconic image, complex and detailed, or a combination of the two?

Can you use a conceptual image to tell the story or will you be more narrative in the way you present your ideas?

Think about what some of the plays underlying messages and themes are, and how they might effect what is going on visually within the piece. Is jealousy a strong reoccurring element within the story, revenge, or love? How will these ideas effect the various elements that will make up your image?

And don’t forget all that great research you have been doing in your past projects. Although it shouldn’t be all you present, I’d love to see any source material you are using.

And some stuff to look at, if you’re interested:

Sterling Hundley:
Chris Neal:
Post Typography:
Jim McMullan:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

send me your files!

so far i have sketches for the fashion show promo stuff from Lyse and Hannah, but i'm waiting for Andrea and Shanon's stuff before i send anything to Phylisha.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Emma's departing on a tour of Europes finest to regain the damage Balt. has done on her health...

I'm really into ye grande old fashioned way of travel. I've been thinking about Dorothy Sayers, The Orient Express, Hat boxes, and those sticker thingies that people used to plaster on luggage. Also all the american expats that went off in search of different climes between thew world wars, also Henry James characters who did the same thing only a little earlier ( but I'm not sure if it is ok to go back that far in time?) The photo is of F. Scott Fitzgerald's family heading off probably to the Riviera. I was also kind of playing about with the idea of framing the piece(s) as a kind of passport book page(s) with ephemera and fashionable travel scenes sort of stuck inside...


I apologize for my lateness first off. What I'm thinking of with this are the designs on old cigarette packages from around the world. Especially those that feature different landscapes like the pyramids of Giza or the Amazon or other random destinations. There's a few I'm looking at with planes or ships on them as well and I'm thinking they'd translate pretty well into tickets or postcards particularly with a travel theme in mind. And of course, just the designs are what I'm looking at not campaigning for cigarettes, I would change the text to whatever the details for the fashion show are. Maybe make the designs reminiscent of cigarette packages but a little more modern also? Oh and yeah, I have no models in these and I wasn't sure if that was a requirement or not. i guess it would make sense if it would be, but I'm a little unsure about how I'd incorporate them. Any ideas?


I posted this last night but for some reason it didn't show up when I went on this morning. I want to do a passport including things from several nationalities/ countries, etc. My other idea included souveniers. I was thinking of chinese fans and other memorabilia.

Jamaica retro-y themed travel thingie

so... when i think of travel... i think of all the stupid advertisements, posters, calenders and postcards that my dad's friends have of Jamaica of all these semi-nude women walking out of the water, women carrying fruit on their heads, maps, and lots and lots of donkeys carrying stuff... soo... its gonna be somewhere along the lines of combining all of these things... (ohh yess...and i wanted to keep it looking very 70's ish in the design/outfits for the girls... as well as including some stamps overlayed on it... sort of like a combination of a travel advertisement and a passport...)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Greyhound Bus Ads

So here's the idea!

hey um i don't know if i'm misunderstanding the assignment or what but i started designing overall looks for paper advertising paraphenalia for the show like a poster, a ticket, and a program... so i was making these mock ups in illustrator of world maps, old train tickets, and paper luggage tags (and i was thinking 'itineraries' or travel schedules for the show program...). but now i'm confused... i wasn't even planning on using figures in my illustrations. is what i'm doing ok or should i really be illustrating people in settings... since this IS fashion illustration?


not yet sketches

hey everyone. my apologies for not having sketches up yet. I was hit by a car while on my bike late wednesday night so i've taken most of the last two days off to relax. I will try to get stuff scanned in and posted before noon tomorrow.(saturday)

sorry again.


He's a sky elephant. He walks around in the sky.

travel ideas by becca

We don't have much to go on yet, so... I've been researching vintage luggage and luggage labels, as well as airline advertisements. Here are the results.


here are my sketches... one of my ideas which was pretty flat and designy was to have a model wearing clothes with the background having flat images of different cities behind them, which could include different landmarks. Another idea, kinda similar to Taryn's was to have clothing that mimics different ways to travel (such as this girls ballooning dress with the same pattern applied to the hot airballoon). My third idea is for a possible ticket into the show. It could be like a boaring pass to an airplane, and could feature the different designers of the show clothing on the pass.

Lyse's Sketches

Ok. For my travel theme I was planning on doing different girls traveling around, but in rain. I believe most people think of rain as a negative aspect about traveling, but I thought it might be a cute idea to try and show a more fashion oriented and fun side to it. As of now, I was planning on drawing loose backgrounds of locations and keeping them in muted shades (maybe sepia?) and keeping the girls with umbrellas in color. I'm thinking of backgrounds similar to the first and second picture, models more like the third. I'm afraid my idea's not quite cohesive enough though, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. =)

my initial idea was airsick bags and i've had trouble coming up with much else so this is what i have for right now, i'm not too set on it though

My very very rough sketches

my first idea was to do space traveling, but the more i looked things up and the more i drew, i found it annoying. I tried to make a postcard t

then i thought about people taking pictures while traveling
then i thought about people just carrying different types of luggage ( the old vintage type mostly)

Then i thought what about people taking polaroids of themselves in popular locations?

i know these are really rough and i do plan on working on there some more, but if anyone can give me some direction. what would be super!

rough sketches

These are some sketches I did for this week. I'm thinking about doing them with a vintage postcard look, with bright colors like early photographs that had to be hand colored. I was kind of thinking about simple ideas like girls dressed up in clothes that resemble things about the different places, such as the Eiffle tower or volcanoes for Hawaii.

rough sketches

These are some sketches I did for this week. I'm thinking about doing them with a vintage postcard look, with bright colors like early photographs that had to be hand colored. I was kind of thinking about simple ideas like girls dressed up in clothes that resemble things about the different places, such as the Eiffle tower or volcanoes for Hawaii.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


for Daniel and anyone else who wants to see an awesome cartoon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Emma's Amelie Finals

Hi everybody, I'm currently being laid waste by a cold. I was really sad not to get to see what people had done. I wasn't going to post my finals because I had intended to just wake up Mon. and bring them in, but then when that turned out impossible I thought that I could use the blog to be able to show off my hard work and not feel like it was for naught : ( Also, it's nice to get to glimpse what you guys did. If any one wants to upload their pieces, I 'd love to see them, gives me something else to think about other than being sick! As for these images, I chose to go with an entirely different frame for the Amelie- on- her -own pose after going through the film again, and thinking about what was said in the crit. Also, the cafe scene got lowered to include more of the jacket and I tried to incorporate the colors of the movie in to the illustrations more than I had.
If I could be updated about our next assignment that would be great, I'm barely able to move, but Knowing wht the homework is couldn't hurt! Hope everyone else is stayin' healthy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the Warriors

Monday, February 19, 2007

blue hawaii (@ like 85%ish)

these are (poor quality) scans during phase 3of4...the FINALS are refined/detailed...they're @ the studio--i'll scan them in tomorrow (i'll also come show [you] the originals on wednesday, when does that class usually go on lunch break?)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

north by north west

new piece
if anyone still has time to look does the color look flat?

some logan's run

here's one of my finals and I feel as though it's missing something but I'm not entirely sure what it needs...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Night Fev. cont'

i know this is kind of late, but if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment... this is one of the peices.

north by north west


Friday, February 16, 2007

A work in Progress

i apologize for the crappy image quality. my scanner dulls my images down alot.
This is watercolor without the color pencil.
An im not sure if you can see it, but this is water color with color pencil lines.

my scanner seems to dull things down alot so i up the contrast which is making my piece look more high contrast than it is.anyways this is the final that im working on but im not sure how if i should use the color pencil to outline the figures.