Saturday, February 10, 2007

Empire Strikes Back

these are super rough and i'm hoping to fix them up a bit tonight/tomorow, i think i might throw out the guy and redo it entirely


Rebecca Bastian said...

What I don't see but really want to see is Leia's Hoth outfit! I think there's some stuff out right now that would totally work for that and would look much slicker than the redesign of Han/Luke's snow suit.

fashionillustrationclass said...

I love the idea for a really slick and vampy "Lady Vader". I don't think I'm digging the man/wompa too much though. Rebecca is right, Leia's Hoth outfit is one of many interesting things you could play with here. I also think that Cloud City and Lando are a sadly untapped resource. Really do that Vader piece up. It has the potential to be this great shiney, mod, femme fatale kind of thing. Rethink the other one.


Andrea said...

Hey Tyler. I found a pretty great outfit for men by Dolce and Gabanna that I think would be great for the white Hoth suits. I'll bring it in monday since i can figure out how to post an image on the comments.