Friday, February 9, 2007

the Warriors

I just rented the movie from the MRC because it has been checked out but these are 4 of the gangs from the film. I think most of them will be easy to translate into modern fashions


mr. pants said...

these look pretty good for the clothes. I'm not getting a great idea for the backgrounds, but i know that for that movie they got pretty detailed. Make sure to not let this get muddy.

fashionillustrationclass said...

As far as your sketches of the existing outfits from the film, I think that the one for the warriors (bottom right) is really great! Now you have to find modern clothes that you can piece together into these outfits. Remember you need to make up the models, and find clothes. You can evcen switch genders for characters if you like. Now, as far as scenes you should approach (and you need to draw directly from them), I would suggest one of them should be when the small group of warriors get trapped in the Lizzies hideout. Also something showing Coney Island would be pretty ideal. Make sure to give a lot of thought to your environment. It was very cool and gritty. Use color to your advantage. A limited pallette of acidy color in the background would seem pretty appropriate.