Friday, February 9, 2007

16 candles

I watched 16 candles.... sorry for the crappily colored sketches. I'm not completely happy with the poses. The movie has a lot of close-up shots of the actor who plays jake ryan and molly ringwald. If someone has seen the movie and has a better idea for scenes to do, let me know.


Emma Sky said...

What about some more high 80's froufiness with the bridal party. There is so much wonderfully awful big shoulder pads and pastel everything, as I recall. Also, isn't there some scenes at a school dance? Or am I thinking of some other John Hughes film? The impression left stylistically on me by the movie is the sort of freckly red haired combination of Molly with the pale pinks and stone washed blues of her clothes. You could also get into acessories though I don't know if you want to go there. Lot's of fake pearls and pins an stuff...Might be fun to have some of that find it's way in. You know that sort of biting her lip, knock need, underdog innocent thing that Molly made a carreer on? Some of that quality in the poses might be something to think about too. I feel you're pain though, Amelie had a lot of close ups also. Sorry for being long winded!

mr. pants said...

you really HAVE to do the title scene, of them sitting on the table together with the cake in between them. it's rather integral to the movie, and it's a great scene with them in one frame together.

I also really enjoy the wedding walk on muscle relaxers, and that's a fun chance to draw a GIANT wedding gown...

And what about the whole dealy with the prom scenes? those are pretty big in the movie.

anyway, i like your drawings, and it's a great movie. have fun!

fashionillustrationclass said...

Again, I agree with the comments that were made. You need to do a scene from the dance. Do the part where Molly Ringwald is staring at Jake and Anthony Michael Hall is danccing around her looking like a geek. You need backgrounds and extras dancing there too. Also, theres the scene in the auto body (shop) class. That's a good one too. I like the sketches on the bottom. Think about making the space real. Draw directly from the film. Emma had great style suggestions. Also where Molly her friend and her friends boyfriend are on the bleachers and Anthony Michael Hall comes to talk to her.
Think big.