Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Emma's Amelie Finals

Hi everybody, I'm currently being laid waste by a cold. I was really sad not to get to see what people had done. I wasn't going to post my finals because I had intended to just wake up Mon. and bring them in, but then when that turned out impossible I thought that I could use the blog to be able to show off my hard work and not feel like it was for naught : ( Also, it's nice to get to glimpse what you guys did. If any one wants to upload their pieces, I 'd love to see them, gives me something else to think about other than being sick! As for these images, I chose to go with an entirely different frame for the Amelie- on- her -own pose after going through the film again, and thinking about what was said in the crit. Also, the cafe scene got lowered to include more of the jacket and I tried to incorporate the colors of the movie in to the illustrations more than I had.
If I could be updated about our next assignment that would be great, I'm barely able to move, but Knowing wht the homework is couldn't hurt! Hope everyone else is stayin' healthy.


Amy Lee Jumping Tiger said...

I love, love the one of amelie in her chair as though it is someone watching her, since she was mostly the watcher in the movie. it came out really well and I thinkk it is a greatly improved composition from your sketches. The top one is also nice but not as interesting as the second.

mr. pants said...


fashionillustrationclass said...

So much better. Your new line is really working out for you. Nice colors too. Great work, Emma.