Monday, February 12, 2007

Revised: Saturday Night Fever

the re-do sketches... i'm going to keep the colors similar to the screen captures from the movie i posted below... and *sigh* no more punk disco. i took your advice, mr. Krall, and went to the dolce n' Gabbanna website and got some outfits from there. I'm going to have colored versions of these tonight. (i'll update this post instead of making a new one)


Zachariah Bauer said...

I'ma say go with 1 and 2, or 1 and 3. I'd say one has a good feel to it. I like the large open area. I think this would contrast well with one of the other two. But since 1 features a male, and the other two have females, but you don't see much clothes. Maybe you could pull out the camera a bit? I really enjoy the faces in 2 and the pose in 3.

4 is really confusing to me, from this sketch it doesn't really look like as much excitement is going on as in the others. Also, on a side note, that face in the bottom left corner is kind of scary. But i like the way its drawn.


Laura G said...

Thanks Zach! I do kind of like the close ups, but i see what youre getting at... you cant see the clothes 100%... i might choose another scene now that I finished dL'ing a copy of the movie. yeahh... and the floating head in the bottom left corner of #3 is there from a previous sketch... not part of the thumbnail :)

Hannah said...

i think i like 1 and 3. im totally digging that dancing dude in the first one. i want to see alot of crazy colors one that one.