Friday, February 9, 2007

Roman Holiday.

This movie was in black and white so i wasnt sure if my final should be in black and white, or if it should be in color or if it should be both. i drew some substitute outfits in color below.

scene number 1
Scene 2

scene 3

Scene 4
I think i like a 1 color simple dress for audrey hepburn.
Im still looking for a better outfit for gregory peck.

btw... blogger was being a meanie and not letting me post... but after a while it did =D


mr. pants said...

i'm so glad you're doing this movie! i think whether you do it in black and white, color, or a comb. of the two is really up to you. if you do a combination, it would be kind of fun to see it like people really playing the parts in front of a backdrop of the black and white scenes, almost as if they were playing dress-up. You could do this by just doing a sharp flat shadow of the figures against the scene... just an idea.

i think that doing it all in color might give it a nice contemporary effect, making this a strong allusion to the movie, which could be really cool too. Great sketches, btw. i love the scenes you've chosen, good job on picking ones that really epitomize the movie.

fashionillustrationclass said...

These look beautiful so far, Hannah.
I would maybe consider doing the figures in color and all the backgrounds and props in black and white. That would help feature the clothes and also retain a connection to the film. Great work!