Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jamaica retro-y themed travel thingie

so... when i think of travel... i think of all the stupid advertisements, posters, calenders and postcards that my dad's friends have of Jamaica of all these semi-nude women walking out of the water, women carrying fruit on their heads, maps, and lots and lots of donkeys carrying stuff... soo... its gonna be somewhere along the lines of combining all of these things... (ohh yess...and i wanted to keep it looking very 70's ish in the design/outfits for the girls... as well as including some stamps overlayed on it... sort of like a combination of a travel advertisement and a passport...)

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fashionillustrationclass said...

Man! Who knew you were such an incredible photo-realistic painter! Why, if I didn't know better I'd think these were reference photos you'd gathered in preparation to do your sketches and not the actual pieces! Amazing. Also your hand drawn type is spectacular! How did you achieve such an impossible level of precision? Seriously though, sounds like a good concept. Lets see some sketches.