Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Graduate

these are clothing sources: elaine's 'wedding dress', michael in suits, mrs. robinson - maybe add some detail to her stockings.

i had a hard time finding good scenes and poses to display clothing on bodies. although i love the movie, the actors were in bed/not clothed for half of it and a lot of shots were cropped at the waist or were close up head shots. in addition to the four scenes i chose, i thought the scene in the pool - just floating on blue water wearing shorts and sunglasses and holding a can of beer and the scene where michael is in the chapel pounding on the glass shouting 'elaine! elaine!' were pivotal scenes but not very good for drawing clothes on people. what do you think? should i still try to illustrate these scenes or should i just move ahead with two of the ones i've posted?

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fashionillustrationclass said...

Wow! Were was this kind of drawing two weeks ago? These look great! The only issue I have is in the one on the bottom. The scale between the characters is weird. He looks like a 10 year old. The second one down from the top is one of my favorite things I've seen all semester. As far as the 2 you pick, I would do the second one from the top, Maaaybe the top one (because it's so damn recognizable), and consider the pool or church ideas. If you feel those scenes don't allow for good compositions or detail on the clothes, try to mess with them ever so slightly (crop in on them or whatever) to give us a better look at the clothes. Anyway, really nice work here.