Saturday, February 24, 2007


I apologize for my lateness first off. What I'm thinking of with this are the designs on old cigarette packages from around the world. Especially those that feature different landscapes like the pyramids of Giza or the Amazon or other random destinations. There's a few I'm looking at with planes or ships on them as well and I'm thinking they'd translate pretty well into tickets or postcards particularly with a travel theme in mind. And of course, just the designs are what I'm looking at not campaigning for cigarettes, I would change the text to whatever the details for the fashion show are. Maybe make the designs reminiscent of cigarette packages but a little more modern also? Oh and yeah, I have no models in these and I wasn't sure if that was a requirement or not. i guess it would make sense if it would be, but I'm a little unsure about how I'd incorporate them. Any ideas?

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fashionillustrationclass said...

Looking good, kiddo. Great idea, and nice sketches. Now think about the application of these images and the form the pieces should take.