Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not Yet Time

Hey everybody,

Just posting to say that my sketches will hopefully be up before 6 today. Its been a pretty ca-razy weekend with finishing recording my band's cd/ other band needs, and the fashion show all at the same time. So not enough time has yet been devoted to the sketches to show something i'm happy with. But if they're not up before 6p.m. they will be up later in the night due to the fact that my band is putting on a show. If anyone is interested its at the Charm City Art Space, at 6, for $6. A good ammount of good bands are playing.

On a similarly different note, I modeled in the fashion show this weekend. Which was hours of preperation for about 9 seconds of work. Kind of grr when it first hits you in the dressing room, but an awesome time overall. Did anyone go/get any good pictures of my sexy-face? It'd be pretty swell if i could get one.

And all the sketches that are up right now look rather neato. I have Amy Lee for my trend, and got to pick her brain a little about the clothes shes into. The working title is: The Thrift. I'm pretty excited to draw some sexy Carhart jackets with ghetto hoops and silvery bangles.

See you again soon!

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