Monday, April 9, 2007

Jane Birkin and Marc Jacobs

First are the loose sketches, followed by the tighter ones, followed by the referance!

Here is all that I have been up to!
I also realized after I started looking for clothes that I wasnt choosing from Marc Jacobs most recent lines. I just love 60's inspired things, so it was hard to ignore his Fall 2003 line. So the tighter sketches are from his 2007 lines. Hope all is well!

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fashionillustrationclass said...


The little black marc jacobs dress drawing looks great. I know you want to put her in the really 60's clothes, but I'm glad you are also pushing for this latest collection. It will make your overall piece a little more interesting than how I normally see Jane Birken.

I don't know how you plan on coloring these but so far they are looking really good on the blog.

I would recommend really getting in there and catching some great details, and really pushing yourself technically in terms of hands and feet and gesture.

Whats great about Jane Birkin is that she has these great legs and facial features that are slightly too big for her face which makes her a more complicated sexy. Not really an American ideal beauty.

I can't wait to see the final.