Monday, April 2, 2007

Quick Question

So I think I remember hearing that this piece needed to be from the spring/summer 2007 collections? I wanted to know if that was for sure. Because I am having more luck finding fall (Louis Vuitton's fall is not suiting Mr. Sid Vicious all too well. Too covering and sleek if you know what I mean.) But some of the past collections might be able to work. Just wondering, Amy


Rebecca Bastian said...

I'm also wondering this - all the clothes I like for Brigitte Bardot from D & G are from past seasons. I really dislike the most recent collection, actually. Too metallic for me and my celebrity.

Zachariah Bauer said...

Hey, if i remember correctly we were supposed to choose from either the spring or fall collections of this year. I guess kris would have to decide about the previous lines.

KrisChau said...

Hey guys,

Pls stick with either the Spring 07 show or the Fall 07 shows, part of this assignment is to reflect the current trends of fashion, while catering to your specific persons personality. I am sure you can style the pieces to work out just great.

KrisChau said...


Sid I think would add his own personal touches ( since vivienne westwood personally saw to that) So this is a good chance for you to be creative with the Louis Vuitton Fall 07 line.


I think Bridget would have liked the Fall 07 D&G line, lots of leopard and mini shorts. But she'd look good in anything.