Saturday, April 14, 2007

For Monday 4/16

Hey Guys,

I can't wait to see your finals Monday.

We will have a model that day after we look at all the Finals. So I will need you to bring the following:

- large pad of drawing paper ( not newsprint ) large meaning more or less the size of your torso.
- a large brush to do a wash
- some kind of ink or paint ( black or a color you like, FW acrylic ink is my boyfriend )
- something to draw with that will make a bold mark ( crowquill, brushes, soft pencil )
- and for fun...white paint

The model is not through the school, she's my own model with great clothes so I would really appreciate it if you took full advantage of this prime drawing situation.

Again I can't wait to see these Finals.

See you Monday!


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