Friday, March 2, 2007

Lyse's Sketches

During high school I had read Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello and A Midsummer Night's Dream; but for some reason I really didn't feel like drawing a poster of those. So I came home for break, borrowed King Lear from a friend and read it in one sitting yesterday. It was pretty exciting. I initially only had the first two pieces as my separate ideas but I kept thinking about a combination of them, so I threw a third in as well. I know the fonts are still pretty unresolved and faint, but hopefully these will do. =) And as always, any feedback is super appreciated.


mr. pants said...

i like where you're going with this, and i also like King Lear... let's simplify your concept downt to an iconic image... something that people are going to see and be able to associate with that work easily and quickly (with help from the text, of course)

i like your neuse. it's nice. haha nice neuse. HAHA oh god i need to get out. anyway. your characters are good but they're not feeling the gravity of the situation as well as i would like. i think your silhouettes are much stronger actually. you could really have something there. i like that you've used purple, i think it helps stand for pride, and royalty, but it's also a very morbid tragic color, which is perfect. so good choice.

i think i would try to come up with some ideas using the pattern of your purpley stuff with the silhouettes maybe acting out their characters. i'm not sure about type but just toss around some ideas, you're doing fine with that in these so far. and remember the feeling that's going on in King Lear. it's a tragedy, so these need to be heavy, and tragic.

Laura G said...

yeah i agree with you, King Lear seems to be the most exciting story out of the rest of them... although i really feel that conceptually and compositionally i'm really liking the third peice in this series... I'm not feeling for the type yet... maybe try making it thicker/heavier (bolder?) more noticable..

fashionillustrationclass said...

Nice Sketches. My favorite at this point is the bottom one, although the others are working as well. I appreciate what you're trying to say with the noose and the beard, but I think it's feeling a little silly right now. You could say the same thing without the use of the symbol, maybe instead the beard is really long, and flowing around her neck, suggestive, but maybe not so explicit. It might help push the sense of mystery a little. I also feel the figures in the background are diffusing the whole thing. Why not just focus on that great relationship you've set up in the foreground? The pattern is a little distracting also, and maybe more appropriate for inside the clothing? It feels like you have just put it in as filler, and not really considered the space. I like the big shapes, they serve the purpose of a poster well.
Great idea for the type. A larger, more flowing surface might give you a little more room to play around with though. Maybe give the costuming a little thought also, as right now it's feeling a little generic. There could be some really great graphic opportunities in the crown and clothing. Anyhow, really great drawings. Looking forward to seeing how you continue to explore this.


fashionillustrationclass said...

I think you've done really well with this. I'm also liking the bottom one best, and I agree with Sam that you could maybe fill up the page with the two main figures and work the patterns into the clothes. The type could be made to play off of the pattern somehow. Nice work. -d.