Saturday, March 24, 2007

Relaxing classical music

This is what i have so far. i decided to do relaxing classical music since i can never go wrong with classical music and i thought about the nice weather and relaxing in pretty green fields with flowers and stuff... hehe

i liked the way this dress flowed so i used it as inspiration.

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fashionillustrationclass said...

Hi Hannah,

nice drawing and composition. The colour is interesting, although maybe looking a little "out of the tube" at this point? Also, I'm still not entirely convinced that watercolour is the medium for you. There's a boldness and confidence in your sketches and drawings that isn't really coming across in the watercolour marks. Watercolour/wash is a wonderful medium, but there's a danger that it can feel a little week if not applied boldly enough, or intensely enough in at least a few areas.