Saturday, March 3, 2007


So I did Othello. The first thumbnail I was thinking about showing Desdemona at the end of the play after Othello has killed her. I tried to make the hair spell out Othello, still need to make it more legible.
the last two rough, rough, rough, thumbnails I was trying to show Iago and his role in the play. I wanted to incorporate a spider to hint at his evil intentions and sort of a play on the idea of "spinning a web" which is essentially what he does with the other characters. I think I like the one where the spider hangs down and becomes part of his eye better. let me know what you guys think.


fashionillustrationclass said...

I'm not digging the top one so much, but the bottom two are really great. Maybe refine the spider in the eye idea a little more, as I think it could be really cool. It's a little underdeveloped at the moment, but could potentially be really interesting. Othello in the hair is pretty sophisticated I think. See how showing more of her body works, could be a nice opportunity to play with clothing and setting.


mr. pants said...

i like the bottom one, and the middle one... i worry that maybe the concept is gimicky? i dunno maybe it will work. i actually really love the top one, and part of that is because of the loose drawing you have for his little head? it shows so much innocence, and maybe if you had the spider doing something to counteract that (perhaps its web covers the full background and the figure is a silhouette? or something). i would take those loose thumbnails and work them a little more... get them refined.