Friday, March 2, 2007

is this too far fetched?

Ah! andrea! you and i used the same colors!

So i wanted to macbeth since its all dark and scary. It was also my favorite play out of everything i read by shakespeare.
My first idea is from the part where la. Ive been looking at some japanese prints and stuff.

this is the general idea. the handwritten text will be cleaner, the hands in a different position and i would make her face a little more psychotic.

i think covering her face with her hair could work too.
i need something in the background.
these are some other positions that i thought of.

i also liked the witches in the beginning of the play.

this is a messier sketch cause i didnt bother inking it before scanning it in.

Another version
Im wondering if this is too asian for shakespeare and i need help with text


mr. pants said...

i like the japanese print idea, but these need to get more authentic and less away from stylized manga. your bottom witches sketch struck me as more interesting but i like the composition of the top one, so for me either one works. i think i would tone down the red a little bit. a burgundy closer to crimson or marroon is going to be more successful for this especially if you want to set a dark mood. the bright pure red still works for the lips though.

please don't cover her face in her hair though, it really screems japanese horror films, and it kind of cheapens the thrill (i love japanese horror just as much as the next guy, but they are kind of tacky...)

Hannah said...
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Jane said...

I think the fingers on the first one should be really long and kinda of help mimic the long drippy hair. Other than that they are very pretty, and I like the witches. They are super sexual in a good way.

fashionillustrationclass said...

Nice drawings. I like the J-horror feel, and wouldn't worry about pushing that if you are interested. Showing the figures naked isn't really working for me. It feels a little juvenile and robs you of a great opportunity to do something interesting with garments/costumes. If you're interested in pushing the sexual themes in the play, maybe things need to become a little more pornographic(within reason of course). Either way, the carefully concealed nudes feel a little first year art school to me. If there isn't going to be a big concept, you really need to nail the drawing, so some kind of tight sketch would be great to see, with everything fully articulated. As for "too Asian" for Shakespeare, I hope I didn't give you guys the wrong impression, but there is NO reason to stick to any sort of pre conceived notions of where or when these plays take place. The first one isn't really doing it for me, the composition is sort of bad, but aside from that, these are nice. I would pick a direction and keep developing it.