Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Tempest

I'm doing The Tempest. Not much to say really: a guy who lives on an island and creates storms with magic in order to enact the revenge he's peen plotting for twelve years.

I'm not quite pleased with the clothes I settled on for this second one, but I ran out of time and just had to upload them. I would have had these up sooner but I had a hell of a time deciding what kind of clothes an ambiguously gendered spirit would wear.

(I went with velvet)

Admittedly not a lot of actual fashion in my sketches this week...I got more into the mindset of representing the play than reinventing it. We have an extra week though, so I'll do more of those over break.



fashionillustrationclass said...

These are all pretty interesting. I think they are all good starts, but should really be pushed a little more. The top one could be cool, the tempest roiling over the entire poster, but I think for someone who draws as well as you do, the figure could be doing something a lot more interesting. The middle one is nice also, feels a little like an old 50's Italian food/wine/coffee poster. The clothing is pretty boring though. You could dress your ambiguously gendered spirit in ANYTHING, and make it look like ANYTHING, and this is what you chose? It’s definitely worth a little more exploration, really nice composition. The bottom one is clever, although you would really have to finesse it to keep it from looking too silly. I think any of them could be very nice. If it were up to me, I would choose the middle one, and really have fun with that figure. Flowing clothes, different hair, weirder, something...


mr. pants said...

(i went with velvet)

there's really a lot in the way of pretty genderless, or gender-bending fashion. look at what male hipsters wear... the scoop-neck t-shirts, the too-tight jeans, longer hair (like a pixie). you could easily make this guy look like a total queer. and i think it would fit.

not overly feminine maybe, but also look at glam-rock inspired fashion, too much jewelry, long hair...

dior homme, raf simons, thom browne, and Ann demeulemeester are just some names to look at.