Friday, March 9, 2007

more ideas for Iago and Othello

I'm having trouble with my concepts. I liked Gant's idea about the mask on the back of Iago's head and it sort of lead to an asian brush-work feel, but I'm still stuck trying not to make this generic with the two-face thing. Also I'm unsure about colors. I don't know, just having problems. Any further suggestions from anyone would be really really appreciated!


india said...

As far as the brush work goes i really find the mask on back of the guys head to be really intriguing and almost captivating, for some reason i find myself to stare at it. I think you should reconsider the placement of the words, though i like that they are going vertical. Just food for thought:)

Andrea said...

yeah i definitely agree about the text. It looks incredibly boring. I'll work on some other placement for it and interaction with the image more I think. Thanks a lot for the input!