Friday, March 2, 2007


So my thoughts for this went first to Iago who's one of my favorite literary characters. He's evil and manipulative and two-faced which is where my ideas went to. The first one is a lot more likeable to me and the second one is a little generic I think. I'm also having a little trouble thinking of how to handle the type so any suggestions would be great!


mr. pants said...

yes to the top, the bottom one is boring, but try some really different ideas with this guy. i like the forced focus on the top one, i wonder if there were another aspect of Othello that you could work that angle.

I really love that top sketch, and i don't think you should change that at all, it seems to be a strong evolution from the bottom one, but i think you can have more ideas about him as a character. Try to personify his two-facedness in another, less obvious way... maybe he's wearing a mask on the back of his head, or perhaps there's a way to work the hands into being the focus (one hand is clean and the other is filthy). try to work with dualism and expand on that idea, maybe it'll turn somerhing up that's really great. push it!

fashionillustrationclass said...

The top sketch is definitely the better of the two. It would be worth exploring this in some other sort of composition, maybe seeing more of the face, more of the body, less, etc. The clothing is really limp right now and not saying much. I'm interested to see how you will end up distorting the face and actually drawing everything. A really refined, tight sketch would be nice to see, as so much of the image is riding on how the piece is actually executed. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more ideas, different from this one, although I think you've really hit on something interesting here.


fashionillustrationclass said...

Hey Andrea,

I like the top on a lot. I think it might be interesting though to use that solid black space to work in the silhouette of Othello himself (maybe using white lines). Then you could consider the idea of using the space and negative space to play with the type. I would suggest something chunky to hold up against the thin lines in the face(s).