Saturday, March 3, 2007

much ado about nothing

hey so here are my rough sketch ideas for a "much ado about nothing" poster. the first idea is benedick and beatrice doing a kind of dance/duel thing with masks - circling each other with wit and words, hiding identities, pretending to be who they're not... all those themes. the second idea is beatrice and benedick 'overhearing' the other characters talking about the other's secret love for him or her - the title/words are big and between them... separating them from each other the way they use put downs to distance themselves from each other and yet words/eavesdropping bring them together... i'm thinking of drawing the text to look like lettered topiary or like holes cut into a tall hedge... the third idea was to make the text in a hedge maze pattern - like the maze like twists and turns in the play (and from the movie, the eavesdropping and celebration that takes place in the garden/hedges) - making the text and pattern central and maybe putting small figures in there somewhere? the fourth idea is something about a tree hung with masks... there's a scene in the movie/play where a masked ball is thrown and people pretend to be others as well as generally hiding their identities... in the movie there's a fountain/urn/planter with a bare vine/shrub in it hung with lots of masks, too... where i got the idea.


fashionillustrationclass said...

The tree one is kind of intriguing. I like the idea of the masks. Maybe there is a more interesting way of playing around with that symbol. The top one could be interesting also, although the sketch is a little too underdeveloped for me to really tell. I appreciate the ideas, and where they could go, but I feel the sketches should be more refined. Looking forward to seeing something a little tighter.


mr. pants said...

i really love the tree too, and feel like it could definitely work as an element in these other concepts. The one i really think is strong is the middle idea. the figures need a little work, but i also understand that they're just sketches. i love the idea of the hedge-words. that's fun! pay attention to their costumes, gesture, and facial expressions, i want to know, without a doubt that these characters are eavesdropping.