Sunday, March 11, 2007

Revised Sketches

Thanks for all your work, some of these are starting to look pretty good. I'm going to avoid commenting on anything specificly for now, as I think it will be more useful to save what I have to say for class. Please bring along all your sketches, including small thumbnails you may not have posted to the blog. As well, it would be very helpful for me if everyone could bring along a few finished pieces; things they have completed for this or other classes. The more the better, as I would really like to have a sense of where the sketches are going when I talk about them tomorrow.

On a more general note, in regards to what has been posted so far, the type and lettering is for the most part really painful. If you are going to include it in your image, and I think it's great if you are planning to do so, you really need to give it as much consideration as you would the image and concept. If anyone is inclined to spend some more time on this before tomorrow, I would encourage you to think about the type and lettering a little more seriously. As it stands right now, with a few exceptions, it's all looking a little too much like grade 4 science fair lettering.


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