Saturday, March 3, 2007

Romeo and Juliet

these are pretty rough right now, i'll hopefully clean them up a bit soon

and this is kinda unrelated but i did this the other day and was wondering what people though in terms of combining fashiony stuff with the way i normally work


fashionillustrationclass said...

I really like the way you draw, and think an emotional play like this is a good choice for your marks and figures. Just keep playing around with the images. The top one could be a finished image almost. The colours are maybe a little off, but there is some great energy there. I think you could expand your range a little more, as I've seen a lot of figures from the waste up. I'd be interested to see how your marks translate into legs, trees, objects, etc. Nice drawings though. Looking forward to seeing more.


Joe Wierenga said...

I love that skull face love monster guy, he's great in everything he is. All he wants is to love, but the villagers always chase him with torches because they don't understand...if I saw this on a book cover or a poster, I would definitely want to know more about it.

mr. pants said...

i'm pretty excited about all of these. the skull thingy is a really cool graphic image, and in the future, would make an awesome print for something... you could do a lot with that. i like that bottom sketch a lot, how long and sort of floaty she is, but i sort of wish there was a little more of you in it... maybe the hips are bigger? or smaller? i dunno but i think it's her general shape... most of your figures are sort of abstracted into the shape of a loaf of bread, and that's really great... maybe her head should be just as wide as the rest of her tiny petite body...?