Friday, April 20, 2007


Hi guys, I'm sorry that I missed class last week, but I was feeling pretty sick. Tyler and Becca told me the next assignment, but I just now realized that I need to figure out how I can get ahold of one of those pictures of us so that I can actually start sketching. Also, I'm still a little vague on what we need to be looking for for research, so if anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it. Once again, sorry for missing class, otherwise I wouldn't have these issues...


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mr. pants said...

I'm not sure how we can fill you in on pictures, but you could probably just have Kali put on her fave outfit and fotograph her in a standing pose.

things for the outfit that make it fun:
bags and accesories like jewelry/earings/watches
fun shoes
accent pieces like socks or layers
color v. pattern.

if you take your own picture of a friend, just make sure that you bring it on Monday and Kris sees it (along with the rest of us.)

the guidlines are to create a style sheet for a new fashion trend based off your photograph from existing products. They can be made by anyone, from Target, to Dior. Look at some of the style sheets in Vogue or Nylon for inspiration on layout, and come up with a fitting name for your "look."

have fun! see you on monday!