Saturday, April 21, 2007

Anyone who missed class and needs the assignment/resources: look no further!

get a friend to wear her/his favorite outfit and take a picture of them in a STANDING pose. Draw from the elements of the outfit to create style sheet for that particular look!

things for the outfit that make it fun and interesting:
-BAGS and accesories like JEWELRY, EARRINGS, WATCHES
-fun shoes
-accent pieces like socks or layers (layers being sweaters, coats, jackets, socks, anything on top of anything else)
-color v. pattern.

if you take your own picture of a friend, just make sure that you bring it on Monday and Kris sees it (along with the rest of us.)

the guidlines are to create a style sheet for a new fashion trend based off your photograph and using existing products. They can be from anywhere, from Target, to Dior. Look at some of the style sheets in Vogue or Nylon for inspiration on layout, and come up with a fitting name for your "look."

have fun! see you on monday!

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